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Spravia has been conducting development activity since 1999 (until 2021 under the name Budimex Nieruchomości). During this time we have completed about 140 projects and their stages, in which about 20,000 housing units and premises have been built.

Always close

We are a development company that is close to its customers and helps them make the best possible housing decisions. We believe that everyone has the right to buy a sustainable home that respects the local context, the environment and social conditions. With our actions, we confirm every day that Spravia is a reliable and trustworthy company, which observes the rules of ethics and always keeps its promises.

Maintaining the position of a trusted and reliable developer

both among individual customers and business partners is possible thanks to a stable financial background. The company’s share capital is PLN 657,333,000.

We keep our promises

We enjoy trust and the opinion of a reliable developer. Compare our predictions (visualisations of investments before construction) with reality (photos of completed housing estates).

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We help to get a loan

We offer more favourable conditions for a home loan by signing agreements with leading banks. We also guarantee comprehensive assistance and care by our specialist. This support does not entail any additional costs.

We have extensive experience

We have many years of experience. The quality of the estates built by the company is measured by the awards and distinctions they have received, including in the prestigious “Construction of the Year” competition.

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Prizes and awards

The quality of the housing estates we build and the recognition of our achievements are measured by the prizes and awards we have won, among others:

  • Przyjazny Deweloper 2023

    Przyjazny Deweloper 2023

    (raport redakcji Gazety Finansowej i Home&Market)

  • Budowa Roku 2022

    Budowa Roku 2022

    nagroda I stopnia za realizację: os. Wiślany Mokotów, etap VI w Warszawie; os. Przy Unii I w Poznaniu (PZITB)

  • Budowa Roku 2022

    Budowa Roku 2022

    nagroda II stopnia za realizację os. Nowy Grabiszyn III we Wrocławiu (PZITB)

  • Budowa Roku 2021

    Budowa Roku 2021

    nagroda I stopnia za realizację os. Wiślany Mokotów, etap V w Warszawie; os. Zaspa VVita w Gdańsku (PZITB)

  • Budowa Roku 2021

    Budowa Roku 2021

    nagroda II stopnia za realizację os. Mińska 69, etap Olimpic w Warszawie; os. Fredry 6 w Krakowie; os. Polanka Niemena w Poznaniu (PZITB)

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About the company

Spravia sp. z o. o.

Skierniewicka 16/20, 01-230 Warszawa
CC: 227270, NIP: 527-24-58-715, REGON: 015901036
District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register
share capital: PLN 657,333,000
tel. 48 22 623 65 55

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